Institutet för rymdfysik
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
SE-901 87 UMEÅ
Telephone: +46-90-7869201
E-Mail: irf-um_&_irf_dot_se
Institutet för Rymdfysik
901 87 UMEÅ

Telefon: 090-7869201
Telephone: 090-7869201
E-Post: irf-um_&_irf_dot_se

Staff at IRF-Um
Name Occupation Room E-Mail Telephone
Lars Eliasson Scientist TB213 lars.eliasson_&_irf_dot_se +46-90-7869201
Rickard Lundin Professor emeritus TB207 rickard_dot_lundin_&_irf_dot_se +46-90-7869205
Ludwik Liszka Professor emeritus TB205 ludwik_&_irf_dot_se +46-90-7869204
Peje Nilsson Programmer TB209 peje_&_irf_dot_se +46-90-7869206
Fredrik Rutqvist Programmer TB211 fr_&_irf_dot_se +46-90-7869202

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